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LBSCR D2 "Lyons" Class 0-4-2

photograph: Dave Searle collection

Nº310 Laval photographed at Eastbourne roundhouse.

In 1876 Stroudley brought out a tender version of his D1 class 0-4-2T, the D2 Class. As was often the case with classes built over a period of years, there were differences between the engines built in the 1870s and those built in the 1880s such as changed brake gear, positioning of the clacks and the tenders provided. The first eight of the class had heavy second-hand tenders from Craven goods engines, all bar the first two had these changed for lighter ones from the original C Class goods engines, though not until late in their lives. The remainder had new tenders, with inside frames and the same size wheels as the trailing ones on the engines.

Three locomotives were renumbered towards the end of their days to release their old ones for the new C3 Class. This was a rather short-lived class when compared with most of Stroudley's work, quite possibly due in part to the inter-changeability of the principal parts with the D class tank engines which were more than capable of doing the work allotted to the D2s. Nº310 Laval was named after the French town, and not the unpopular French Prime Minister of that name, whilst Nº313 Paris was allocated to the "Grand Vitesse" Newhaven trains throughout her life. As can be seen in the table below, none lasted for more than 27 years.

photograph: Dave Searle collection

D2 Class Nº306 Naples photographed at Emsworth.


LBSCR Nº Name Built Renumbered Date Withdrawn
300 Lyons Sep 1876 - - Jun 1903
301 Caen Mar 1877 - - Nov 1902
302 Turin Jan 1878 - - Jul 1904
303 Milan Jan 1878 - - Jun 1903
304 Nice Dec 1877 - - Jul 1904
305 Genoa Dec 1877 - - Dec 1904
306 Naples Apr 1878 - - Dec 1904
307 Venice Apr 1878 - - Nov 1902
308 Como Jul 1883 - - Dec 1904
309 Splugen Jul 1883 609 Sep 1906 Mar 1907
310 Laval Jul 1883 - - Jul 1906
311 Rhone Jul 1883 - - Jan 1907
312 Albion Sep 1883 612 Mar 1905 Feb 1907
313 Paris Oct 1883 613 Mar 1905 Mar 1907

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