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LBSCR C3 Class 0-6-0

photograph: O.J.Morris, by courtesy of the Dave Searle collection.

Nº303 photographed near Arundel whilst working a Horsham - Bognor goods train duty during 1925.

Marsh's C3 class 0-6-0 goods locomotive was, essentially, a R J Billinton design but with the first example of the larger, 170lb, boiler thet Marsh used when rebuilding Mr Billinton's locomotives, though without the saddle that was used with the rebuilt locomotives.

Some ten locomotives, the final series of LB&SCR main line goods engines, were built at Brighton between March and September 1906. The first five had 17½in x 26in cylinders whilst the second five were initially provided with ones of 18in x 26in, though these were later reduced to the same as the first five locomotives' cylinders. Originally provided with 3,112 gallon tenders, they were later fitted with smaller ones from the B2 class as those locomotives were rebuilt to class B2x. From 1917 the R J Billinton style chimnies were replaced with Marsh's larger version and four locomotives were fitted with L Billinton's double domed boiler during 1920. As was frequently the case with small classes, they didn't last as long as their contemporaries in the larger classes, probably due to the higher number of "good" engines in the larger classes, and were considerably out-lived by the C2x class, though eight survived into early British Railways ownership. The C3 was known for running hot at speed, which also placed it at a disadvantage when compared with the C2x which could happily handle any heavy excursion train.

Many of the class spent much of their days shedded at Horsham. One locomotive, Nº304, received a saddled and extended smokebox though there were rumours that she had been rebuilt with a circular smokebox, to be classified as C3x, but this did not happen and there was no C3x class. Nº304 was the first of the class to be withdrawn.

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  • 305 with
    Double dome
    Double-domed example Nº305.
    Photograph: Dave Searle collection.
  • Probable
    Class C3 loco
    An unidentified loco, believed to be a C3, at an unknown location!.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
5 ft 0 in
40 ton 10 cwt
17½in x 26in *
170 lb sq in
19,175 lbs #
* 305-309 originally fitted with 18in x 26 in cylinders
# 305-309 ariginally 20,285 lbs


LBSCR Nº SR Nº # BR Nº Built Withdrawn
300 2300 32300 Mar 1906 Jul 1951
301 2301 32301 Jun 1906 Feb 1951
302 2302 32302 Jun 1906 Jan 1952
303 2303 32303 Jun 1906 Sep 1951
304 2304 - Jul 1906 Jul 1936
305 2304 - Jul 1906 Sep 1937
306 2306 - * Aug 1906 Oct 1951
307 2307 - * Aug 1906 May 1949
309 2309 - * Sep 1906 Jan 1949
308 2308 - * Nov 1906 Dec 1948
# Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the LBSC numbers with the added prefix 'B', although the new number may not have been applied until some time later.
* These four locomotives did not carry BR numbers.

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