Sheffield Park


Other than those mentioned in the text above, the following have also been used:

Autocraft Chris Cox Dart Castings
D&S Models Fox Transfers Grandt Line
Langley Mike's Models ModelMaster
MSE M.V. Products P&D Marsh
POW Sides Romford Scale Link
Shire Scenes South Eastern Finecast Springside
Tiny Signs Townside  
View from south View from the south as both trains are ready to leave.
One of the Porters handling the recent Mid Sussex Dairy delivery. Notice the Buckingham Palace milk churn that has fallen on his toe and caused him to do a jig. Milk churns
Most of the bits and pieces that I have imported for this diorama have been supplied by Mainly Trains, Dave Cleal; if you want superior service go there. Lately though I have been searching for even rarer items via eBay; this has proven to be a quick and easy way to ignore one's budget and use Visa as they would like it to be used.
View from south-west A general view from the southwest.
Craven LBSCR lantern van parked in a siding awaiting later duties. Lantern van
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I could not have done any of this without the invaluable help and support of some key people; I am for ever grateful. If I have missed anyone I apologise sincerely. Those key people are:

  • Andrew Cocker - ex Calgary now of London SE somewhere
    For helping with the initial layout ideas, wiring of the entire layout into 10 operational blocks, continuing encouragement, and passing on almost 200 cans and bottles of paint that he couldn't take with him to England

  • Michael Willis - Calgary neighbour and close friend
    For building the baseboard framework, many of the trees, and some fiddly bits (he's famous for those), especially the narrow gauge crossing of the standard gauge siding, and for all the digital photographs.

  • Brian Allen - Bluebell Railway volunteer
    For finding those Myers Architect's drawings and making sure I received copies, and for all those letters patiently in reply to my sometimes tardy Annual Reports

  • Peter Richards - Bluebell Railway volunteer signalman
    For taking and sending detailed photographs of some buildings, for general historical information, and for allowing the first articles about this layout onto the SREmG website

  • Tim Dorscher - co-worker and AutoCAD guru
    For taking my less than adequate sketches and turning them into detailed AutoCAD drawings that became the basis for wood framing on the main station building gables. (Check out the photographs.)

Saw pit The Weald and Downland saw pit.

Despite all of the above, this model of Sheffield Park will never be finished. The layout was demolished, along with the house, in the summer of 2006. However, all the buildings were rescued and have been passed along to Andrew Cocker somewhere in London SE. He has promised space for them on an exhibition layout that could be ready as early as 2010.

But... when I embarked upon this new found hobby I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. I work on the layout only on weekends, so it has taken a lot longer to get to where I am now than I had anticipated; however, whenever I am working on the layout, whether it is modelling, researching, getting frustrated, or trying to find something in the many boxes I have acquired over time, everything else disappears from my mind. This kind of focus helps tremendously, especially when I am painting eyeballs or fixing some small bit to another small bit. This will be a hobby for the rest of my life.

Also, I have made some wonderful acquaintances and friends along the way and I have experienced generosity beyond words. So many people in this hobby have given freely of their time and sometimes material. I am amazed at the railway modelling fraternity; long may it flourish.

Roger Marler, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, February 2006.

All photographs are copyright

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