Sheffield Park

Footbridge The footbridge is to the original design and the three components now need fixing together.
Temporarily assembled and in situ the differences between the original and the present day footbridges are very obvious! Footbridge
Footbridge The side view. Who knocked over that milk churn? Hope it is empty!
The roadbridge is to the standard details found on the line and is the portal that will lead to the eventual fiddle yard. Roadbridge
Three wheelers Meanwhile there is a meeting of three-wheeled vehicles in the car park!
Rolling Stock

Some of the rolling stock doesn't quite fit with the early 1930s era; I just liked some of this stuff so much I had to have it

Locomotives (all RTR):

  • 2 Hornby A1 Terriers 0-6-0T - Isle of Wight Nº12 and LBSCR Earlswood Nº83
  • 1 Hornby Q1 0-6-0 Southern C8
  • 1 Hornby West Country 4-6-2 Blackmoor Vale Nº21C123
  • 1 old Hornby E2 0-6-0 Nº100
  • 1 Bachmann N class 2-6-0 Southern Nº1821


  • 3 Hornby Pullman coaches - 1 partly trashed as if it has been in a garden for forty years, found by a BRPS member, and taken to Bluebell for later preservation
  • 2 Lima Southern Mk 1 coaches
  • 3 Ratio GWR 4 wheel coaches of no particular identity (these are experiments only)
  • 2 Roxey Mouldings South East and Chatham Railway Craven brass kit coaches (unbuilt)
Sheffield Park A quiet time at Sheffield Park Station. View from the north with original wooden covered footbridge, station buildings and milk stage.

5&9 Models white metal kits (All apparently now discontinued.)

  • Lantern Brake Craven/Stroudley era
  • Goods Brake Craven era
  • Craven Family Saloon (unbuilt)

Various Bachmann, Hornby and Dapol RTR wagons - converted and realistically weathered

  • Parkside Dundas CCT Southern Parcels Van - built and later crashed
  • Parkside Dundas grain van painted as a Harveys of Lewes brewery van
  • Ian Kirk LMS Double Bolster wagon
  • Hornby LBSCR brake van
  • D&S white metal kit LBSCR Cattle Wagon
  • Woodham Wagons LBSC Dumb Buffer Timber Bolster wagon kit
  • Woodham Wagons LBSC 4 plank open D low round end wagon kit
  • 4 Cambrian LBSC Open Round End wagon kits (3 unbuilt)
  • 2 Airfix bogie wagons (Unbuilt)
A busier time at Sheffield Park Station. The down goods train hauled by N Class Nº1821 has stopped for water. The up Pullman has stopped to collect passengers. Isle of Wight A1 Terrier 12 with non-descript coaches is in the far siding waiting for the down line to clear before heading off to Lewes. Sheffield Park
Footbridge An early morning peace as the ticket collector is waiting for passengers and trains to arrive and an Edwardian lady walks by on the up platform.
Part of the coaling stage with a broken crane, various coaling staithes and a Scammel about to leave to make local deliveries. Coaling stage
Road Vehicles:

3 wheeler meet:

  • 1 1930s Reliant Van
  • 1 1930s Morgan Aero
  • 1 1930s Brough Superior motorcycle and sidecar
  • 1 1938 BSA sports car


  • 1 Scammel, modified
  • 1 Ford A flat bed truck (unbuilt)
  • 1 MG J2 sportscar (unbuilt)
Three wheelers Another part of the coaling stage with a worker filling coal sacks for delivery. Notice the open round end LBSCR wagon which has not yet seen one lump of coal. Water tower is to the right.

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