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Visitors to the Southern
Class 117 Cross Country

Photograph by John Lewis

The Clapham Junction - Kensington Olympia service used SR DEMUs before the line was electrified, then after electrification SR EMUs were used for a very short while until the service was extended to Willesden Junction. However, because there was a gap in the electrified line of about 1 mile, to just short of Willesden Junction, the service was taken over by class 117 suburban DMUs (1st generation, previously used on Bedford - Bletchley etc). In due course the line to Willesden was electrified throughout and the service is now operated by Sliverlink EMUs.

Class 117 unit N°L701, cars 53150 and 51392, being used on the Clapham Junction - Willesden Junction service in October 1994. Some of this class of DMU were transferred from the Bedford - Bletchley line and L701 still carried the Bedford-Bletchley logo on the guard's van. It is painted in Network SouthEast livery, but has no NSE flash or wording. This type of DMU continued to be used on the West London line until the route was electrified throughout.

The whole of the line between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction was eventually electrified (ie the "gap" between Mitre Bridge Junction. and Willesden High Level Junction) and the Clapham - Willesden service was the taken over by Class 313 dual voltage units, (son of Southern Region 2 and 4 Pep units) as used on the North London line and the Euston - Watford Junction service.

Text from John Lewis

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