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Miscellaneous Wagons

On this page are photographs of various wagons, big and small, that could be found around the railway.
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  • B493687
    Wagon NºB493687 on the Beach Sidings at Newhaven during landfill operations, note that one it has one disc and one spoked wheel, 27th June 1973.
    Photograph by Glen Woods.
  • S37489
    NºS37489, a standard 8 plank wagon, one of a batch of 750 that was built during 1938 and 1939. Straw was much used for the packing of goods.
    Photograph by Stephen Hughes, courtesy of Terry Heeley.
  • DM470711
    DM470711 allocated to Southern Engineers, Woking.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • E277191
    Clay wagon
    NºE277191, an Eastern Region 6-plank branded for "Clay Traffic Empty to Warehan, SR".
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • S13343
    "XP" rated S13343 with a load of coiled wire.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 2 plank
    Ballast wagon
    This wagon is believed to have been a 2 plank ballast wagon of SECR origins, SR Diag 1744, which for many years languished in a siding at Sittingbourne station. Photo taken in early 1970s. As usual with this type of wagon there is no signs of any numbering.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • KDS5849
    5 Plank wagon
    5 plank open wagon KDS5849 at Clapham Junction in the 1970s in light grey livery. In service with the S&T Engineer, Wimbledon. In spite of being unfitted, it has screw couplings.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • DS61950
    NºDS61950, a "Lamprey" 20T 2 axle ballast open wagon,seen at Woking.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • Nº703805
    Conflat A
    Conflats were flat trucks that would carry a railway container long before the days of the modern container shipping. Here is a photo of Conflat A 703805 loaded with a container belonging to the Mechanical Engineer Southern. The location is Clapham Junction and the photographer is sure the livery of the container was olive green with white lettering.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • DS34561
    Conflat NºDS34561 at Clapham Junction 1970s.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Conflat D
    Another Conflat D at Clapham Junction.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Aggregate
    One of the bogie open wagons used for Channel Tunnel aggregate traffic. Note the TML logo. Photographed at Clapham Junction in August 1994.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • PR 3243
    PR 3243, another of the bogie open wagons used for the Channel Tunnel. Also photographed at Clapham Junction in August 1994, by which time both of these wagons may have been used for other aggregate traffic.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Covered
    A Maunsell type covered goods wagon with twin end bonnet ventilators. Photographed in the 1970s on the Cambrian Coast line.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • SR goods van
    SR goods van.
    Photograph by Mike Gale Jr.
  • DW123820
    Stores van
    DW123820 whilst in use as a stores van at Eastleigh.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • Bogir
    Bolster DS64641
    Bogie bolster wagon DS64641 at Clapham Junction in the mid 1970s.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • DS64543
    Borail wagon DS 64543 at Clapham Junction in the 1970s.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • DS61098
    Machinery truck DS61098 believed to have been built by the SR to an SECR design.
    SR Code WELL B, BR code LOWMAC. SR Diagram 1681 .
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • ADS3202
    This rather odd van is ADS3202, code ZXV, and is a DE Locomotive Load Van - i.e. a test unit for diesel electric shunting locos. It was built on LBSCR tender underframe T424 and photographed at St Leonards Diesel Depot in the 1980s.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • ADB901103
    Nowdays if there is a derailment, the vehicles involved are usually taken away by road. In the 1970s, though, things were different. Here CCT S94308 has been loaded onto ADB901103, a 35T Weltrol allocated to the M&E section at Tonbridge.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Curious
    A very curious wagon, photographed at Three Bridges. It seems to have been converted from one of the bogie scenery vans with the majority of the body removed and some steelwork added.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Curious
    Here the curious wagon is accompanied by DS70164, which apparently was originally Maunsell BSK 3691, now converted to a Tunnel Inspection Coach. According to "Departmental Coaching Stock" this coach worked with DB975663 which is described as QXW SR(SED) RCE Tunnel Inspection Van converted on Lot 3933 1978 from SR GUV 4593 built in 1938.
    It would seem likely that the coach in this photograph is the same one as in the previous photo, but as a result of the windows having been boarded it takes on a slightly different appearance.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Wheel
    Axle box
    >Close up of the spoked wheel and axle box in the second photograph. This style was quite different from the one pictured above, and far more common.
    Photograph by Glen Woods.
  • Axle box
    An SR wagon axle box pictured at Sheffield Park on the 21st July 2001.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.

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