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4 Wheel Passenger Brake Vehicles

In addition to the bogie passenger train brake vehicles so familiar to us all in the British railway environment, the Southern Railway also used four wheel brake vehicles, a selection of which is presented here.
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  • ADB975140
    Southern Railway Van C (British Railways classification BY) 436 as altered to a staff van in 1971 and renumbered ADB975140. Built in 1937, the photograph was taken at Norwood Junction/Selhurst in 1971.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Night Ferry Van
    Nº3, third of a batch of three 4-wheel passenger brake vans built in 1936 for the Night Ferry. This shows the van in ordinary service at Waterloo, c.1973, shortly before it was condemned in July 1974.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Van C/BY S944S
    Van C / BY NºS944S in poor weather at Clapham Junction. It still had its periscopes and roof ventilators fitted, although in view of the "No electric" sign, it may well have been in use as a parcels van. It had been built in 1940 and was condemned in 1978.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Safe-fitted 13
    Nº13 is the third of four safe-fitted passenger brake vans built in 1941 to SR Diagram 3092. The safe could not be accessed from within the van - the safe door is to the right of the Guard's door in this picture. No 13 was withdrawn in 1978 and preserved on the Swanage Railway, where this photograph was taken.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Van C/BY 429
    º429 was an ordinary 4 wheel Van C / BY passenger brake van built in 1937 which is believed to have been condemned in 1977. Photographed at Clapham Junction, it can be seen to have lost its periscopes, and may no longer have been in use as a brake van - the word "GUARD" is not visible on the Guard's door.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Van C/BY 404
    Van C / BY Nº404 as preserved on the Bluebell Railway where it is a bastion of the Vintage Set. The orange panels denote it was once fitted with a stove for heating when not attached to a steam-heated passenger train..
    Photograph by Tony Pearce.

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