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LSWR Adams X6 Class 4-4-0

photograph: Mike Morant collection

N°E658 photographed at an unkown location during early Southern Railway days.

The X6 class 4-4-0 was an Adams design introduced by Drummond in December 1895 at the same time as the T6 class was being built. Very similar in design the X6s had six inch smaller coupled wheels and correspondingly smaller bogie wheels,to the same measurements as on the T3 class. These locos were the subject of detail changes by Drummond and were the first to be given the abbreviated initials "S. W. R." on the tender with a smooth number plate and devoid of brass beading. Apparently it was Adams' intention to build a class of tweny engines, but Drummond thought otherwise and only ten were constructed. The numbers that might have been used by further X6 engines were taken up by M7s. One of the engines, N°658, was later fitted with a Drummond boiler and was also the last of the Adams 4-4-0 types to remain in service.

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Bogie Wheel:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
Urie Power Classification:
6 ft 7ins
3 ft 7ins
54 ft 5 3/8 ins
82 tons 17 cwt
3,300 gals
19 in x 26 in
175 lb sq in
22,150 lbs
5 tons


LSWR/SR N° # Built Order N° Withdrawn
657 Dec 1895 X6-1 ? 1940
658 Dec 1895 X6-2 Dec 1946
659 Dec 1895 X6-3 Sep 1943
660 Dec 1895 X6-4 Oct 1936
661 Dec 1895 X6-5 Dec 1936
662 Dec 1895 X6-6 Mar 1933
663 May 1896 X6-7 Oct 1936
664 May 1896 X6-8 Apr 1943
665 Jun 1896 X6-9 Jun 1933
666 Jun 1896 X6-10 Jun 1943
#  Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the L&SWR numbers with the added prefix 'E', although the prefix may not have been removed until some time later!

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