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SR Maunsell N1 class 2-6-0

photograph: Mike Morant collection.

First N1 Class N°31822 at Feltham, date unknown.

At the time of the grouping there were twelve ex-SECR Maunsell N class locomotives in service, with the thirteenth, A822, being built at Ashford in 1923 with a number of modifications, hence the classification 'N1'. In place of the two cylinders of the N class, the N1 class had three, two outside cylinders with Walschaerts valve gear and an inside cylinder with Holcroft valve gear. The basic appearence was very similar with the main give-away being a slab-fronted section above the buffer beam, which did nothing to enhance the lines of the locomotive, and slightly smaller outside cylinders - almost undetectable to the eye.

A822 was sent to Bricklayers Arms where the N1's performance could be compared with the two cylinder N class, and was found to be no real improvement. The main benefit that it did have was, through having smaller outside cylinders, the ability to work the Hastings line with its restricted width tunnels. Largely due to this additional route availability Maunsell decided in 1930 to build five more, but this time using Walschaerts valve gear on all three cylinders and, in line with these five, modifed A822 to the same specification. Low smoke deflectors were subsequently fitted, as with the N class locomotives. They rode well which made them useful for working summer Saturday relief trains to the Kent coast in the days before electrification. Following this electrification the class moved en bloc to Tonbridge where they worked through to Redhill and onto the Brighton line and other parts of the Central Section.

Bulleid made some minor alterations to them, removing the snifting valves and fitting U1 chimneys to the five 1930-built engines.

photograph by John Bradbeer.

N°31876 in the scrap line at Brighton in August 1963, some nine months after withdrawal.
Note the much deeper buffer beam when compared with the N Class.

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Pony Wheel:
Total Weight:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (3):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
BR Power Classification:
March 1923
5 ft 6 ins
3 ft 1 ins
57 ft 10 ins
106 tons 13 cwt
A822 3,500 gals / A876-80 4,000 gals
16 in x 26 in
200 lb sq in
27,695 lb
5 tons


First SR Number Final SR Number BR Number Built Withdrawn
A822 1822 31822 Mar 1923 Nov 1962
A876 1876 31876 Mar 1930 Nov 1962
A877 1877 31877 Apr 1930 Nov 1962
A878 1878 31878 Apr 1930 Nov 1962
A879 1879 31879 Apr 1930 Nov 1962
A880 1880 31880 Nov 1930 Nov 1962

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