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SECR J Class 0-6-4T

photograph: Mike Morant collection

J class N°1595 on shed at Gillingham on 12th February 1939.

The SECR J Class passenger tanks were slightly unusual in that they were designed by Wainwright to work not just the SECR's own services, but to work any line south of London. The original drawings for the class were for a six-coupled radial tank with a boiler similar to that of the C Class to be called class N, but this idea was dropped and, in 1913, the first of the class appeared just as Wainwright's career with the SECR was drawing to a close. In all just five engines were made, the last to be built under his auspices (though the
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  • 1597
    J class N°1597 on shed at an unknown location.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.
  • 1597
    Another phot od N°1597 at another unknown location, but looking a lot cleaner.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Bogie Wheel:
Total Weight:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
5 ft 6 ins
3 ft 7 ins
70 tons 14 cwt
2,000 gals
19½ in x 26 in
160 lb sq in
20,370 lb
3 ton 10 cwt


SECR N° Built 1st SR N° # 2nd SR N° # Date changed Final SR N° BR N° Withdrawn
129 Oct 1913 A129 A596 May 1927 1596 31596 Apr 1951
207 Oct 1913 A207 A595 Mar 1928 1595 31595 Jul 1951
597 Nov 1913 A597 - - 1597 31597 Oct 1950
611 Nov 1913 A611 A598 Sep 1927 1598 31598 Dec 1950
614 Dec 1913 A614 A599 Apr 1928 1599 31599 Nov 1949
# Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the SECR numbers with the added prefix 'A'
although the new number may not have been applied until some time later

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