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Ex-LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T

photograph by Ray Soper

N°41319, the last Crewe-built locomotive, at Eastleigh. The prominent lamp brackets either side of the smokebox door were, of course, fitted to the 30 locos for use on the Southern Region.

A total of 130 engines of this class, introduced on the LMS in December 1946, were built between then and 1952 - mainly at Crewe but with the last ten being constructed at Derby. The Southern interest occurs because the last 30 Crewe-built engines, Nos 41290-41319, were allocated from new in 1951 to the Southern Region, where they worked in various locations on all three divisions, from East Kent to the Withered Arm.

Designed with light duties in mind, these locos incorporated self-emptying ashpans and rocking grates, features normally only encountered on the bigger engines of that time. With their footplate raised over the cylinders, small boiler and cab doors cut into the roof these locos, and their tendered sisters the Ivatt 2MT Moguls, were easily recognised. The side tanks had a capacity of 1,350 gallons, and the bunker, sloped inwards to give a clear view when running in reverse, had an American-style ladder giving access to the coal space.

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  • 41298
    N°41298 photographed whilst deep into Withered Arm territory at Braunton on 6th August 1960.
    Photograph by John Bradbeer.
  • 41xxx
    Christ's Hospital
    An unidentified Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T brings 3 coach Bulleid set N°89 into Christ's Hospital in 1964 on the hourly interval service from Horsham to Brighton via Steyning. The line to Guildford (which had a far less frequent service) can be seen immediately beyond the signalbox.
    Photograph by Keith Harwood.
  • 41294
    Christ's Hospital
    N°41294 is at the "double" platform at Christ's Hospital on a train from Horsham to Guildford in 1964. Unlike the Horsham to Brighton line, with its hourly interval service, the Horsham - Guildford line service was quite sparse with a gap of several hours during the middle of the day.
    Photograph by Keith Harwood.
  • 41325
    N°41325 approaches Henfield station with a train from Brighton.
    Photograph by Keith Harwood.
  • 41298
    N°41299, at the head of a three coach train, enters Baynards station with a Guildford to Horsham service.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 41230
    N°41230 at Bournemouth on 21st June 1966.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 41299
    West Grinstead
    N°41299 runs into West Grinstead with Bulleid set N°802, on a train from Horsham to Brighton.
    Photograph by Keith Harwood.
  • 41312
    N°41312 seen here whilst taking water at Eastleigh.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 41284
    N°41284 working in the sidings at Weymouth on 21st June 1966.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 41301
    N°41301 working in the sidings at Weymouth on 21st June 1966.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • 41298
    Clapham Jn
    N°41298 running into Clapham Junction with a short passenger movement during November 1966.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.
  • Power

    The unique to the Southern Region Power Classification on the cab of N°41291.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.

Technical Details

Introduced (on LMS):
Introduced (on BR[S]):
Driving Wheel:
Pony and Trailing Wheels:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
Power Classification (LMS/BR):
Power Classification (BR[S]):
5 ft
3 ft
38 ft 9½ ins
63 tons 5 cwt
1,350 gals
16 in x 24 in
200 lb sq in
17,410 lb
3 tons

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