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LSWR Urie H16 class 4-6-2T

photograph: Mike Morant collection

H16 Class N°518 photographed at Feltham on 6th May 1938

In association with the construction of the marshalling yard at Feltham, Urie built five heavy tank locomotives similar to the G16 'hump' shunters. The five new tank locomotives, the H16 class, shared many common components and design features with the G16, such as identical boiler, motion and bogies as well as similar cylinders. The driving wheels were larger than those on the G16s at 5'7" and an extra large bunker was carried by a radial truck and design to increase the carrying water capacity of the locomotive. They were even heavier than the G16, weighing in at 98½ tons. Other than the change to Maunsell pattern superheaters, the class had virtually no alteration throughout their lives.

>They were primarily intended for goods traffic between Feltham and Brent (MR) and Willesden (LNWR). Although they were used on special passenger trains, such as during Ascot Race Week, they were not wholly suitable for such jobs with their limited water supply and rough riding when running bunker first. Unlike the plain black livery of the G16s, the H16s were given the standard Southern passenger livery of lined Olive Green. This changed to a plain black livery during WWII which was retained by most of them during BR days. During the 1950s the H16s were regularly employed on Clapham Jc-Waterloo empty stock duties and in their final years found regular employment on the Fawley branch oil trains. Their days were numbered however, with the rapid onset of dieselisation and all were withdrawn at the end of 1962. None has been preserved.

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  • 520
    On shed
    N°520 captured on shed during Southern railway days.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.
  • 30518
    N°30518, captured with a sister engine, at an unknown location.
    Photograph by Keith Harwood.
  • 30158
    Clapham Jn
    N°30518 once again, also in charge of a rake of ECS passenger stock at Clapham Junction.
    Photograph: Mike Morant collection.
  • 30519
    N°30519 stored pending withdrawal at Feltham in August 1962.
    Photograph by Alan Robinson.
  • 30517
    Motspur Park
    Only seen infrequently on passenger trains, N°30517 is on railtour duty at Motspur Park on 9th December 1962. The tour was part of the Beattie's farewell tour - and was after the official withdrawal date of the H16s!.
    Photograph by Mike Morant.

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Bogie Wheel:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
BR Power Classification:
5 ft 7 ins
3 ft 7 ins
46 ft 0 ins
96 tons 8 cwt
2,000 gals
21 in x 28 in
180 lb sq in
28,200 lb
3 tons 10 cwt


LSWR N° SR N° # BR N° Built Maunsell S/H Withdrawn
516 516 30516 Nov 1921 Aug 1929 Nov 1962
517 517 30517 Nov 1921 May 1929 Nov 1962
518 518 30518 Dec 1921 Mar 1929 Nov 1962
519 519 30519 Jan 1922 Apr 1928 Nov 1962
520 520 30520 Feb 1922 Dec 1929 Nov 1962

# Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the LSWR numbers with the added prefix 'E'
All locomotives were based at Feltham

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