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Breakdown Vehicles (non Crane)

photograph by Ray Soper

NºDS70131 was converted in 1962 from S3191S and labelled "MP Breakdown Van, Three Bridges" and was a joint riding and tool van. Later it was transferred to Eastleigh where it was labelled "Lukas Re-Railing Unit" (i.e. it carried Lukas jacking equipment) and is seen here at Feltham.

This coach was originally built in March 1923 by the Southern Railway as LSWR Ironclad Third Brake Nº1354 to SR Diagram 213 (left hand corridor when looking from the brake van) and allocated to a set which became SR set 435 (renumbered 12th May 1928) whose formation was:

LSWR Number BR(S) Number Type
1353 S3190S Third Brake
67 S724S Third
3938 S7187S First
66 S723S Third
1354 S3191S Third Brake

S3191S remained in set 435 until the set was withdrawn on 14th August 1959 and S3191S was set aside for conversion to Breakdown Van.

Details from Glen Woods

photograph by Ray Soper

An end view of NºDS70131 showing the narrow windows that provided a lookout along the breakdown train,

photograph by Ray Soper

N Class Nº31405 with a breakdown train at Guildford.

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