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Accidents & Mishaps

Salisbury Accident

It is a sad fact of life that sooner or later things go wrong, and when they do accidents can result, accidents where people can get hurt, or killed. Railways are probably far less prone to these than some other forms of transport but, by the sheer scale of the average train crash, always generate big headlines.

"Unfortunate" mishaps occur from time to time, usually with no more damage done than some bent equipment, that rarely find themselves reported. We have a few photographs of such mishaps linked below:

Some accidents that have happened in SR territory:

  1. Bournemouth West
  2. Clapham
  3. Clayton Tunnel
  4. Norwood Junction
  5. Salisbury
  6. Sevenoaks

Some mishaps that have happened in SR territory:

  1. 4-Cep 1521 suspended in the air
  2. 4-Cep 1537 off the road
  3. 4-Cep 1607 doing the splits at Ramsgate
  4. 4-Vep 3447 off the road
  5. Heavy Shunts

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