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Looking back along the platform from the sector plate, only partly visible. There was another of these at Ventnor though this was subsequently changed to a more conventional turnout fir the run-round.

photograph by Ron Hersey

Bembridge station opened with coming of the short, four and a half mile, branch from Bradin via St Helens in 1882 and was closed when all traffic was withdrawn by British Railways in 1953. There was just one, 220' long, platform with a 120' long siding to the down side (west) of the station serving a coal wharf. On the up side of the platform road there was a second siding serving a small goods yard for coal merchants and general freight. Bembridge signal box was on the platform, beneath the canopy. One interesting part of Bembridge's operations was that due to a lack of space a sector plate was used to enable the engine to be released to run round its train.


Beyer Peacock 2-4-0T ºW13 Ryde being turned on the space saving turntable that would only turn locos of up to 30' 11". A fully manual operation!

photograph: Mike Morant collection


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