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Bandon Halt

Bandon Halt

Bandon Halt was situated on the 1847 built line between Waddon and Wallington and was only open between 1906 and 1914, thus only for eight years. It was intended to compete with the SMET Croydon - Sutton tram service, which also started in 1906.

photograph reproduced by kind permission of Southern Railway Net

In the photograph the platforms look fairly new and clean suggesting the photograph was taken soon after opening. The photographer was facing west, i.e. the train is travelling from Wallington to Waddon with the photographer standing on the Plough Lane bridge.
There is a motor train with an LBSCR ballon coach in tow possibly powered by Terrier Nº661 - The headcode is for London Bridge-West Croydon-Epsom-Dorking-Portsmouth, but that would have been put up at Sutton. In examining the 1912 public timetable, every train that stopped at Bandon Halt was a Motor Train, either appearing in the London Bridge - Horsham section or appearing in the Victoria - Horsham section. In addition every motor train except three, in the down direction in the London Bridge section, started at West Croydon and ran to Sutton. Whether they terminated at Sutton or ran on to the Epson Downs branch to form a motor train working on it isn't presently known. There was a surprisingly good service in the down direction from West Croydon, with nine trains starting from there and three from Norwood Junction. In the Victoria section all were motor trains and most ran West Croydon to and from Sutton, although a few ran on to, or ran from, Crystal Palace and an oddity, the up 9:25 am from Wallington that seemed to terminate at Streatham Common (via Selhurst).

The scene here is much changed today with housing on both sides of the line. However, beyond the line of trees on the right is Bandon Cemetery that was opened in 1900 and still provides some respite for the traveller from the advance of suburbia along London's railway lines!

Text from Mike Watts, additional notes from Norman Langridge.

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