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Class 424 (Experimental)

photograph by John Lewis

The exterior of the "Classic" coach which, in this form, would have seated 77 passengers travelling standard class. Officially the unit was N°424001, but this number does not appear to have been painted on the coach, only the coach number, N°76112

In 1997 there was the likelihood of a shortage of "modern" EMUs available to replace the "slam door" units that are being forced off the rails, and as one suggestion of how to get round this problem Adtranz took 4 Cig 1761 and rebuilt the driving trailer composite at Derby. The Cig body was removed and a state of the art Electrostar style body shell was mated with the underframe of the Cig DTC to form the "Adtranz Classic". Just the one coach was so treated, the other three remained as standard, and the unit was demonstrated at Victoria during 1998. Nothing further came of the project, which was returned to Derby where it is in store.
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  • Front
    Exterior view from front. Similar in appearance to the class 170 Adtranz-built DMUs. Note that, unlike the Electrostars, there is no provisin here for a gangway between units.
    Photograph by John Lewis
  • Public
    The public was invited to inspect the interior. The design had much built-in flexibility and could have provided First class/standard class hign or low density seating.
    Photograph by John Lewis
  • Driver's
    In the driver's cab. The unit would have been able to operate from either an AC or DC power supply.
    Photograph by John Lewis
  • Other
    View of the other side.
    Photograph by John Lewis
  • Data
    View of end with data panel. Had the whole of the 4-Cig been rebuilt to this specification the new unit would have seated 310 passengers in standard class only. There is a marked contrast between the two designs.
    Photograph by John Lewis

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