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photograph by Chris Knowles-Thomas

4-Pul unit passing Tooting Common during 1963

elivery of new Cig and Big stock saw five of the displaced Pullman trailers from withdrawn 6-Pul units being used in 'new' 4-Pul units. Pullman cars, Clara, Gwladys, Elinor, Enid and Ethel were so used in unit numbers 3054, 3055, 3057, 3059 and 3061 respectively. Alice replaced Enid in N°3059 from October 1964 and Lorna replaced Elinor in N°3057 from February 1966. Used on the Brighton main line whilst awaiting delivery of further Cig and Big units, the 4-Puls were normally paired with a 4-Cor or 4-Cor(N) unit, although they were to be seen working with a 6-Pul.

photograph by Chris Knowles-Thomas

Another 4-Pul unit passing Tooting Common during 1963

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