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Class 09


photograph by Michael Taylor.

N°09025 was originally D4113 and is seen at Brighton Station on Monday, 18th September 2000 in full Connex livery. The other 09 at Brighton at the time was in green livery and carried nameplates William Pearson.

Originally there were 25 members of the 09 class allocated to the Southern Region. There were outwardly identical to the class 08 0-6-0 shunters but were capable of speeds up to 27 m.p.h. to allow them to run branchline goods trains. These engines were built between 1959 & 1962 by British Railways At Darlington & Horwich works. Powered by an English Electric 400 h.p. 6KT engine.

In 1992 7 members of class 08/0 were converted to class 09/1 with 110 V electrical equipment and 5 with 80 V equipment were converted to class 09/2. The original class 09 became class 09/0 and many were transferred away to such diverse locations as Fowey, Doncaster and Sheerness Dockyard.

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  • D4105
    A pre-TOPS rail blue D4105 photographed at Clapham Junction 3 September 71, note the high level EMU-style brake pipes on the end and no 'D' in the number.
    Photograph by Glen Woods.
  • D4108
    D4108 A seemigly freshly painted , similarly equipped, still carrying the 'D' prefix.
    Photograph by Ray Soper.

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