Standard Codes for Coaching Rolling Stock

Standard code adopted for the identification of coaching stock (including horse boxes and carriage trucks) throughout all Regions. The codes were to be used in all telegraphic and other messages, as well as in stock reports, carriage diagrams and train working advices.

The appropriate code was painted on each vehicle in 1½ inch letters as shown:-

Gangway stock - on the left-hand bottom corner of each end of the vehicle (approximately 18 inches above the Buffer).
Non-gangway stock - on the right-hand bottom corner of each side of the vehicle.

The following codes come from instructions dated August 1954 and June 1960. It must be borne in mind that third class was abolished in 1956, at which time all Third Class (T) became Second Class (S).

Type Description 1954 Code 1960 Code
  Restaurant Kitchen Cars First RF RF
Composite RC RC
Either Class RU RU
Third/Second RT RS
Triplet RTS RTS
Pantry Third/Second RTP RSP
Buffet Car RB RB
Kitchen only RK RK
Cafeteria Car - CAF
Kitchen/Buffet Car - RKB
Restaurant/Cafeteria Car - RCAF
Restaurant/Miniature Buffet - RMB

  Restaurant Cars
  (without kitchens)
First, Open (loose chairs) - RFO
Composite, Open (loose chairs) - RCO
Second, Open (loose chairs) - RSO

  Sleeping Cars First Class SLF SLF
First Class (Twin) Twin SLF Twin SLF
Composite SLC SLC
Composite (Twin) Twin SLC Twin SLC
Third/Second Class (without attendant's compartment) SLT SLS
Third Class (with attendant's compartment) SLTP -

  Saloons First Class SF SF
Third/Second ST SS
Invalid Saloon SI SI

  Open Stock First Class FO FO
Composite CO CO
Third/Second Class TO SO
Third/Second Class Brake BTO BSO
Semi-Open First Semi FO Semi FO
Second Class SO -
First Class (used for dining purposes) RFO -
Third/Second Class (used for dining purposes) RTO -

  Open Tourist Stock
  (Bucket Seats)
Third/Second Open TTO TSO
Brake Third/Second Open TBTO TBSO

  Corridor Stock First Class FK FK
First Class Brake BFK BFK
Second Class SK -
Composite CK CK
Composite Brake BCK BCK
Third/Second Class TK SK
Third/Second Class Brake BTK BSK

  Non-Corridor Stock
First Class F F
First Class (Lavatory) FL FL
First Class Brake BF BF
First Class Brake (Lavatory> BFL BFL
Composite C C
Composite (Lavatory) CL CL
Composite Brake BC BC
Composite Brake (Lavatory) BCL BCL
Third/Second Class T S
Third/Second Class (Lavatory) TL SL
Third/Second Class Brake BT BS
Third/Second Class Brake (Lavatory) BTL BSL

Articulated Stock - Should be indicated by the word "Twin," "Triplet," "Quad," or "Quint," according to the number
of vehicles in the set, the number of the set being shown when necessary, and the code ART

Post Office Tender POT

  Brake Vans 4-wheeled BY
6-wheeled (without gangways) BZ
6-wheeled (with gangways) BGZ
Bogie (without gangways) B
Bogie (with gangways) BG
Pigeon Van (Braked) BP
Milk Van (Braked) BM

  Miscellaneous Traffic Vans Bogie General Utility Vans - GUV
Parcels and Miscellaneous Vans PMV PMV
Horse Boxes HB HB
Special Cattle Vans SCV SCV
Open Carriage Truck CTO CTO
Covered Carriage Truck CCT CCT

In the case of British Standard coaching vehicles fitted with Pullman "adaptors," the letter "A" should be added after the Code.

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